Welcome to Powell & Baldwin Visiting Tailors

Do you require a cut above the rest for that special occasion and are not sure what to wear? Does the thought of trawling the high street laden with bags of “It’s a bit tight across the shoulders and the trousers are a slightly too long but what the hell, it will do, I just want to get home” not appeal or in simple terms, do you want your wardrobe to reflect you and the image you are trying to portray?

Then please contact Powell & Baldwin Visiting Tailors. We offer our clients the convenience and comfort of home or office visits, supplying the finest handmade garments. We utilise the most superior textiles with classic cutting and tailoring techniques from an abundance of colours, patterns and designs.

If the thought of the never ending hurt for car keys or spare change for the car park doesn’t appeal or you just don’t want to make do then please call us today.

We can assure you will be highly satisfied.